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Influence of Different Extraction Methods and the Storage ...

Influence of Different Extraction Methods and the Storage Time on Secondary Metabolites of Saffron L. H. Atyane 1.2, M. Ben El Caid 2, M. A. Serghini 2 and L. Elmaimouni 1 1 Laboratory of .

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Design Principles for Liquid-Liquid Extraction | AIChE

Design Principles for Liquid-Liquid Extraction. Liquid-liquid extraction is an important separation technology for a wide range of applications in the chemical process industries (CPI). Unlike distillation, which is based on boiling point differences, extraction separates components based on their relative solubilities in two immiscible liquids.

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Phycocyanin from Spirulina sp: influence of processing of ...

R. Sarada et al.:Process Biochemistry 34 (1999) 795–801 797 Table 2 Comparison of different methods for phycocyanin extraction from wet cells of Spirulina Method Amount of phycocyanin extracted expressed in mg phycocyanin from 100 mg dry biomassa 1st extraction 3rd extraction Total2nd extraction Treated Control Treated ControlControl Treated Control Treated

  • Published in: Process Biochemistry · 1999Authors: R Sarada · Manoj G Pillai · G A RavishankarAffiliation: Central Food Technological Research InstituteAbout: Dry weight · PhycocyaninGet Price

A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Oil Extraction Methods

Mar 20, 2017 · The supercritical extraction process operates at temperatures between 95 to 100 degrees F whereas steam distillation operates at temperatures between 140 to 212 degrees F. In steam distillation, the molecular composition of both the plant matter and the essential oil are changed due to the temperature applied.

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Influence of Extraction Methods on Total Phenolic Content ...

The results suggested that AEE method yielded high TPC from the tested samples. The statistical analysis proved that the extraction methods significantly influence the polyphenolic content of the extracts . The study proved that Spanish mulberry leaves contain high caffeoylquinic acids and flavonols 20. In the present study, the samples KJ, and BP contains a relatively reduced amount of gallic acid.

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Extraction processes - SlideShare

Oct 27, 2015 · Extraction processes. • It is a method to separate compounds based on their relative solubilities in two different immiscible liquids, usually water and an organic solvent. • It is an extraction of a substance from one liquid phase into another liquid phase. • is a basic technique-performed using a separatory funnel.

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Innovative technologies in olive oil extraction ...

Innovative technologies in olive oil extraction process: influence on volatile compounds and organoleptic characteristics: Influence of innovative technologies on sensory notes of ...

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Bitumen Extraction Explained | Oil Sands Magazine

Whenever process upsets occur in Extraction (poor quality froth and low recovery rates), reducing throughput and increasing water dilution is a good way to help the process recover. 3. Process Temperature. Process temperature is one of the most important .

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(PDF) Assessment of parameters influence the extraction ...

These parameters usually for the extraction of dimension stones including the suitable size and influence the selection process of an extraction method for production shape of blocks, maximum efficiency and safety, minimum wastage, of dimension stone blocks. optimal conservation of reserves and environmental protection [2].

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What's the Best Ethanol for Commercial Solvent Extraction ...

Terpenoids can modulate the ability of THC to penetrate a blood-borne-barrier (BBB), and can influence the therapeutic value for cannabis-mediated pain and mood effects. During the extraction process, some of these oils are volatilized or lost, while the remaining terpenoids become concentrated.

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The Effects of Different Extraction Methods on Antioxidant ...

Aug 25, 2016 · Methods of extraction of seed oils are an effective factor in the properties of oils. Solvent extraction, for example, is deficient in selectivity and needs extreme heat, which could cause the degradation of the desired components . The cold press extraction is the conventional method for oil extraction.

Extraction - Solvent Selection - Separation Processes

The solvent is the key to a successful separation by liquid-liquid extraction. The several criteria are: 1. Distribution Coefficient. This is the ratio (at equilibrium) of the concentration of solute in the extract and raffinate phases. It gives a measure of the affinity of the solute for the two phases.

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The traditional technology of banana juice extraction used in East Africa was studied in order to understand the underlying factors that lead to juice release. The juice extraction process is dependent on controlled ripening of the bananas by either the rack or the pit methods.

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DNA extraction and amplicon production strategies deeply ...

Jun 27, 2019 · Therefore, DNA extraction needs to be effective for a wide range of taxa; efficient extraction is crucial and its influence on the outcome is significant 8,9,10. .

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The influence of extraction methods on composition and ...

The influence of the different extraction methods on the recovery of the principal compounds like total tocols and γ-oryzanol from RBO has been demonstrated. The effect of extraction methods on antioxidant activities of the same cultivar was also studied.

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Solvent Extraction Method for Edible Oil Processing

5 Factors that Influence the Solvent Extraction Process The solvent extraction process is affected by a number of factors. However, the five factors below that are of any real significance. Seed Water Content: Being a polar substance, water interferes with wetting of the seed surface and solvent penetration into the seed. In addition, it reduces diffusion.

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Air-Based Remediation Technologies. Dual Extraction & Total Fluids Extraction. • Dual extraction – Concept: pump water and product separately from same well – Advantage: improved recovery, separation – Disadvantages: • Cost to treat water • Larger wells required • More stranding of product in cone of depression.

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Optimization of harvesting, extraction, and analytical ...

Efficiency of extraction methods. Usually, different extraction methods are tailored to analyze specific classes of metabolites involved in a number of important metabolic pathways such as the citrate acid (TCA) cycle, glycolysis, amino acid metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, and glutamine metabolism.

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How to Achieve Full Control of the Rosin Extraction Process

The Basics of Rosin Extraction. Each element in the extraction process exerts considerable influence over the makeup and quality of the final product. The following ideas on controlling the rosin extraction are based on the use of a commercial extractor. The more primitive the device, the less control one has over the elements.

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Various Extraction Methods Influence the Adhesive ...

Various Extraction Methods Influence the Adhesive Properties of Dried Distiller's Grains and Solubles, and Press Cakes of Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) and Lesquerella [Lesquerella fendleri (A. Gary) S. Watson], in the Fabrication of Lignocellulosic Composites

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Influence of processing conditions on bioactive compound ...

Jan 21, 2019 · Ethanol concentration and temperature had a significant influence on total phenolic compounds extraction and antioxidant capacity while monomeric anthocyanins extraction was only affected by ethanol concentration. The conditions selected as the most adequate for the extraction were: temperature of 40 °C, 50% v/v ethanol and 2% m/v citric acid.

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